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Fri Feb 23, 2018

How we'll build your website...

First we'll clarify our expectations and talk about what you have in mind. We'll keep talking during the process until the vision is clear to both of us.

After we've talked about your unique needs, the cost will be easier to narrow down. Plan on spending somewhere between the cost of a nice weekend vacation and a small car.

I'll put together a draft of the site and get your feedback. From there we'll fine tune it until we're both happy.

A key thing to keep in mind is your ability and willingness to do regular maintenance. Because of time constraints, I can't be your regular webmaster, but I can help you get to a comfortable place where you or someone else can take it over.

We'll also discuss your hosting arrangements. You can host your site here at Beach2Beach Hosting, or make your own arrangements elsewhere. I can help you decide among many options.

If you choose to have your site hosted elsewhere, you'll get all the files and images in their proper folders for loading on your server. I'll keep a copy of the original files for my records and will assist in any way I can to help get your site live and working properly.

Easy huh? Let's start.